We’re so big, we even have a guest Blogger

In the middle of the night, a guest blogger named Hun emailed this to me.  He wants to be the next big internet sensation, I guess. Some Profound Words from Hun:

“Now that the blog is back and open for business, I thought I would add my two cents. Life is weird. On the exact same weekend you can be proud of two people for exactly opposite reasons. We often refer to differences between the kids as the Ying Yang of our lives, but this weekend has been the Yingyest.

As I type, we have one child laying in a hospital bed facing the biggest challenge of his life.  He is taking one giant step backwards for the benefit of many beautiful steps forward (after weeks of therapy.) The other child is taking two steps forward by becoming a mature young woman staying home alone, taking care of the pets and household, remembering everything that has to be done, but still holding on to her backward steps because she is still without a drivers’ license at 16 and needing people to pick her up and drop her off. He is moving backwards to go forward and she is moving forward while still going backwards.

Weird. The best part may be hearing how proud they are of each other. We get the benefit of loving both and holding their hands as they walk down the challenging paths in front of them as well as the paths they choose for themselves in the upcoming weeks.  I’m sure they will do their best, as they always do.”


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