The Problem That Isn’t

The problem I am about to write about shouldn’t even be allowed to be called a problem.  Rather, it should be called a blessing, but for some reason it feels like a terribly burdensome problem that I cannot seem to solve. What a fitting way to end our month long CP Awareness Party – with a question that only people who are aware of CP can answer.

What should Max do this summer? The options are:

1) Sit on the couch and play Wii 15 hours per day while eating rice krispy treats and drinking lemonade ( guess who came up with this one?) $

2) Go back to the Conductive Learning Center in Michigan for 5 weeks of intensive therapy where he will not get away with anything but the best walking, best sitting, best self care.  There won’t be a walker in sight for him or a day that doesn’t require him to focus on his entire body and get control of it.  He has made a great deal of progress at CLC the past two summers but at the cost of being away from home, missing his friends and family, several weeks when we return with nothing to do, and the reality that he has possibly made the progress he is going to make at this point. $$$$

3) Attend Camp Lakeview in East Brunswick – a real day camp with everything you can imagine on …you guessed it…. a lake. Sunshine, sports, swimming, color war, bug juice, archery, bunks and boys. Everyday will be challenging with long walks across the fields, sports he may or may not participate in but if he uses his walker, a great deal of independence.  Before you think I am living in la-la land, the camp is able and willing to accommodate Max, interviewed him before accepting him and has another boy who is Max’s clone who attended last summer. The risk is that his frustration will get the better of him and that if he is bunked with boys he knows, they tend to ignore him and this is upsetting.  He can be bunked with younger boys, but at this point in time, MAX really wants to go to camp does NOT want to consider being in the younger bunk. $$$$$

If you have had the misfortune of  spending any length of time with me in the past six months, I may have already told you all of this whether you wanted to hear it or not.  I am down to the last 24 hours of decision making here and Hun and I are stuck, stuck, stuck.

CLC with the possibility of his walking improving and no walker in sight combined with Max’s strong lack of interest in returning there OR the most camp your money can buy, combined with the possibility of frustration and using a walker?  If you choose camp, do we force him to go with the younger 3/4th grade boys he doesn’t know who are smaller and probably a bit slower and probably won’t ignore him or allow him to stay with his 5th/6th grade age group, mixed with some boys he knows and some he doesn’t, some who are already his friends and some who are older and faster.

I am considering offering a reward to anyone will make the decision for us.

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