The Best Mom in the World

Not long ago, I received the most wonderful compliment in the world from a mother of many children. All her children are grown and married and have children of their own, but she has lived here forever and knows everyone and everything. She told me that I am THE best mom in Metuchen.  While I am not entirely sure which scientific method she used to reach this conclusion, and meaning no offense to the thousands of other moms in Metuchen, I have to agree.

Unfortunately, she seems to have neglected to tell my kids that I am THE best mom in Metuchen. They apparently don’t know WHO I AM. Just last night, Max uttered something to me at around 1:00 A.M. while I was sitting AWAKE with him because HE COULDN’T SLEEP, that sounded something like, “You aren’t heeeeeelllllpppiingg me, what kind of mom are you?”

I wanted to say, “Well dear, haven’t you heard? I am THE best mom in Metuchen.” Instead, I believed I mumbled something like, “Go to sleep for God’s sake, you rotten child!”

Then, just this morning, my lovely Sophie was stomping around looking for something to wear to school and raiding the dirty laundry pile. I gently reminded her that the clothes she just put on might be slightly dirty, and she replied,

“YOU never do laundry!”  Of course, had she known that I am the BEST mom in Metuchen, she never would have uttered such an obnoxious comment.  Clearly, she has not been told WHO I AM either.

Honestly, someone out there must tell them. They deserve the truth, don’t you think?

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