Thank you for the invite, but we will not be able to attend

For the first time ever, we have declined two birthday parties for Max.  We never did that before.  He is the KING of birthday parties. There is nothing he loves more than cake and goody bags.  He was very disappointed recently when I mistakenly referred to my swearing- in ceremony as a “party.”   He came, he behaved, he left without a goody bag. He is protesting the injustice right now.

 Had I even considered getting the creative juices flowing, I suppose I could have come up with an appropriate Borough Council Goody Bag.  What exactly would it include?  A Mayor action figure, a Borough Administrator tattoo, maybe a lollipop in the shape of Metuchen, or maybe even a bubble gum with little tiny resolutions in the wrapper?

But, back to the birthday parties.  There seems to be a trend, call me Mrs. Observant or something, but boys seem to like running around and playing sports.  Therefore, they all want their birthday parties at this sports place where the activities include enormous amounts of running, throwing, and ball playing.  It is no longer possible for Max to participate.  We seem to have reached a  precipus and fallen in.  He used to be able to go to all the parties, Hun would help him by running him around, carrying him, lifting him up and playing along.  However, that was when the kids were three and four years old and no one knew what they were doing and no one even thought it was weird for Hun to be invited to every birthday party. He even got his own goody bag sometimes.

Now, Max notices that he can’t play along.  The reality is that he is just too big to be carried around like a a cute baby with CP.  He cries when he is frustrated, and he is still having pain walking after the casting and Botox.  I can barely get him on the school bus. There is  no reason to go to the parties and while we would love to be with friends,  it just cannot be. 

I am afraid though… what if they stop inviting him… and what if they stop thinking of inviting him… what if they stop thinking about him at all, and what if they stop thinking about all of us.  What will happen to the Rubins then?

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  1. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    How sad and how true!
    Lindsey Petersen

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