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A few words to Sophie

I have sat down to write about Sophie and her Bat Mitzvah a few times but there is just too much to say. Instead, I would rather preserve the feeling we had when we spoke to her during the party… I think it says it all… It seems rather funny […]

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The Home

The nursing home… I must have told 100 people in the last few weeks that my mother lived in a nursing home. People at the hospital kept asking me where she lived and I answered their questions and filled out their forms obediently. ¬†However, I kept feeling the need to […]

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So… nu…when’s the Bat Mitzvah?

I feel like talking about something else today – and none of the things that I have been talking about. I want to talk about Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah – April 27, 2013. ¬†It seems as though the talk of Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s is multiplying daily. She got invited today […]

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