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6 Month Check Up

I love clean teeth. I nag the kids about brushing their teeth and refuse to let even one required brushing slip past my watchful eyes – but this post is not about oral hygiene. Every six months, from the time the kids were babies, I made sure we scheduled the […]

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A Letter to Max

As I have been known to do, I like to lecture.  I like people to sit still and listen to me talk. I actually get paid to do this!  The only people who don’t sit still and listen to me talk live with  me!  I have been trying to get […]

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Perky for PERCS

PERCS- that is what the surgery our Maxie is having tomorrow is called.  Apparently the name no longer has anything to do with the actual procedure and harkens back to the early days of experimenting on and torturing little children with CP.  It used to be a very major surgery […]

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