One week down, 432,987 more to go!

At least that is what it feels like.  It shocked me to realize that we have only been at this hospital game for one week. Trust me, this parenting thing is not for the faint of heart! We have had more ups and downs in the last few days than I can count.  It’s like living with a 13 year old…  Ha!  I have been wanting to write an update but as soon as I try, the entire situation changes and it’s old news – kind of like the real news these days.

Right now, at 8:15 p.m. on Friday night we are good- we are very very very very good. We moved to rehab in NJ and Max is out of bed, zipping around the hospital in his wheelchair ( that’s a topic for another post)  and hanging out in the teen lounge flexing his muscles for the girls.  Sophie just broke her personal record (you know, her PR, in track speak) in pole vault at today’s track meet and received great news about her ACT score. All of this happened in the last 24 hours.

However, just one day ago, Max was a Rapid response/code blue… they called a code on him. He went to his first therapy session and got so weak that he started slurring his speech, closing his eyes and drooling so we took him back to the floor and the nurses were like, “Oh, he’s fine, he’s just tired…” But then, not 5 minutes later, they were frantically calling into their weird walkie talkie things, code, code, rapid response, and all of the sudden 20 people come running and they are on top of him like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  When they wheeled in the cart with paddles, I almost fainted.  At first he was “just tired,” but not 5 minutes later, we have paddles.  Thankfully, he was ultimately fine -just extremely dehydrated and having some issues with his blood pressure.

There is no medium, no middle road, no status quo.  A few days ago we went from ICU to standing with a walker (a feat I have no learned was partially due to heavy doses of steroids turning him into a less-obnoxious version of gym-guy) and yesterday we went from paddles to the teen lounge.  I suppose there is nothing normal or regular about becoming what Sophie called, “a hospital family,” so expecting calm is probably unrealistic. When Hun arrived in the evening and I told him that I was just so so tired, he said, “Why? Weren’t you just hanging out with Max while he had therapy?”  Sure, that’s right, just hanging out!  I hope he was kidding…

p.s.  There is something wrong with the blog notifications and if you are one of my 2-5 subscribers (You loyal people who wait 3-4 years for a post) I am sorry for the annoying emails – trying to fix it!!  I love you.


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