Off and running – without a care in the world

I hardly know where to begin… there is just so very much to say that I uncharacteristically don’t have the words.

We left home a few days ago to journey toward Michigan. I successfully cleaned and organized every speck of our lives so that I could sail onward with a clear conscience. If there were some sort of prize for finishing, I would surely have won it.  Unfortunately, Hun actually living in our house will likely ruin the pristine state of affairs, so I am respectfully requesting that he sleep outside.

As we drove, and drove and drove, I was giddy with joy – not really from any sense of adventure – due in equal parts to the fact that I don’t really have a sense of adventure and because there is absolutely nothing interesting between New Jersey and Michigan.  We stopped at a total of 3 incredibly dull locales –  a Comfort Inn, a Target and a gas station.  We did get a jolt of adrenaline from pumping our own gas and I tingled with excitement at the unusually large amount of beef jerky available at every turn throughout Ohio.

My joy was purely physical. I finally got around to purchasing the wrist bands that keep you from getting car sick and wore them on the trip.  These things are beyond amazing.  I have never, I repeat, never, ever, ever…one more time… ever… been able to do anything but sit incredibly still looking straight ahead barely breathing.  I cannot turn my head, look out the window nor sing anything that has too many crescendos while passengering in a car.  I have refused offers to explore the world, follow the Grateful Dead, and sail off into the sunset solely because of my  motion sickness.

Imagine my surprise when after 13 hours in the car, I was whipping out the maps, reading the NY Times and longing for more jerky.  I am a changed woman… seriously.  Call me next time you want to follow the Dead or sail off into the sunset, my wrists are ready for anything.

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