My job here is done

Yesterday Sophie took her driving test at the DMV.  I personally like calling it the DMV and refuse to call it the MVC.  I think Governor Christie decided to change the name to fool us into thinking it was some new and improved administrative agency, but it remains the same version of torture it always was. I will continue to call it the DMV out of protest.

She passed the test with a very loud sigh of relief.  I knew she would pass – she is actually a very good driver.  She possesses all the skills needed for good driving: good spatial relations, a sense of direction, strong hand-eye coordination, cautious fearlessness, super human motor skills and the the cool-girl swagger we all wish we all had.  All these qualities were born to her and we knew she would be a good driver ever since we bought her a Hot Wheels Cadillac Escalade for her 5th birthday.  She backed that baby out the driveway with one arm over the passenger seat looking behind her like she had been driving that bad boy cross-country for 25 years. She is just good at stuff. I take no credit.

Sophie took the test with her driving teacher but he had to leave her waiting for her actual license because there was a two hour wait.  I drove over there to join her while she was waiting.  After nearly two hours, her number was called. She sailed to the front of whatever next line they let you stand in, took a naturally gorgeous picture, and showed them her 65,000 points of ID including a few extra because sometimes people freak out when she shows them her fake-looking birth certificate from Russia. When all was said and done, she happily returned to where I was sitting and the first thing she said was,

“I registered to vote… Democrat!”

My job here is done.


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