Movin’ on up…

Someone I consider a friend told me a few weeks ago that I was making him want to vomit with all my misery. I am thinking that maybe he could have expressed his heartfelt and loving concern for me in a slightly different way, but good news for him, I am ready to leave behind some of our misery and enter a new year.  The truth of the matter is, new year or not, Max is feeling better and beginning to improve and I am more than willing to commit to finding us some happiness…dammit.

I want to tell you about my purely selfish pursuits and frivolous past-time. Blogging. I began writing  about seven years ago as a way to make sense of the unthinkable.  I used this blog, as well and the two that came before it, as a form of therapy and a way to engage in what, had I listened to younger self, I like to do more than anything else.  Write.

I am insanely jealous of the famous bloggers who write regularly, earn income and a loyal following by doing exactly what I know I can do.  My efforts have suffered from the triple threat of pathological procrastination, fear of excessive narcissism, and lack of technical savvy.

I have failed miserably at overcoming my procrastination and I still wonder why on earth anyone other than my three closest friends would care what I have to say.  But, much to my surprise and pleasure, I have a  techie-sponsor who is eager and able to help me launch my own website.  I suspect he is willing to do it out of his love for Max, but I am none too selfless to miss this opportunity.

I am pleased to announce that this blog will very soon be moving to

I hope it will be a combination of mindless drivel, reflective consideration, helpful insights and just maybe something others will enjoy reading.

Keep visiting me here until further notice but wish me luck.  I am really excited.

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