Me, my Smugness, and I

We are quite a combination, that smugness and I! We have spent years together and grown to a level of comfort similar to that of an old married couple. It’s the give and take that really showcases our relationship.  For example,

Last year, when we took Max to Camp Simcha, a place that exists to do nothing but make kids with disabilities happy, most of the experience was similar to that of taking any kid to overnight camp – packing, labeling, loading, indulging, and vacillating between nervousness and excitement on a moment’s notice. Camp Simcha adds another layer with a full medical staff and functioning hospital so they can accommodate any kind of need.  It is quite amazing to see. Mixed in with the usual camp forms that take days to fill out is an extensive list of medical needs, equipment, medication and instructions.

When you arrive at camp, there is a one-on-one meeting with the medical staff to review the instructions to make sure they know exactly what is needed and when.  You also bring all your equipment and supplies to a central location to be checked in.

Smug and I dropped Max off last year without a care in the world.  He had no equipment, no medical needs, and barely a vitamin to take once a day. During that meeting with the medical staff that took all of 2 minutes, they asked us more than once if we were sure there was nothing else. We skipped out of there without a care in the world feeling like we won some sort of disability lottery!

As we loaded the car this morning with a wheelchair, a walker, leg immobilizers, two pairs of leg braces, a bag of medicine, a prescription for in-camp PT, and the past three months of fear of loathing, I heard my old friend Smug chuckling in my ear.

“Ha!”  He said.  “I gotcha good this time, didn’t I?”


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