Malfunction Malfunction (and spoken in a robotic voice…)

My boy is made up of many parts – and many of them mechanical, inanimate and highly breakable.

A few weeks ago, his alignment was off.  His walker veered to the right no matter what he did. He frequently found himself in the bushes and sometimes in the middle of a parking lot against his will.  He tried to stay on course, but he kept traveling to the right.  I suppose life is good when you are always right (bat-a-bum!)

Last week, he broke right out of his braces. He is so strong he cracked a metal ring! He had to go to school without braces for the first time in many years and while the thrill of wearing Converse started the day off well, he got very tired and crabby as the morning wore on.  I got them fixed and brought them to school, but the day didn’t really improve. The school office sent us to the nurse so I could put on the braces but while we were there, several sick kids wandered in.  I wanted to run screaming into a tub of hot sanitizer and never look back. I was too afraid to even look at them.

This morning, his glasses cracked in half.  I don’t even know if that is possible, but it happened.  He is currently in school right now squinting his way through the day.  A new pair is on order but we wont have them until tomorrow.

I felt slightly sheepish taking him to school last week without his “legs” and today without his “eyes” as if I were some kind of “messed up mom”, but the truth is, he is getting bigger and the things that support and aide him are all getting old and beaten down  The problem is that so much work goes into each and every one of these devices, new and improved is not always better.  His walker is about 7 years old, but we are not moving to the next size up.  This will be his only walker even if I have to pull him out of the muddy bushes myself.  The next size is gigantic and hopefully, he will get strong enough to not need it. The braces just might be replaced with something new(more on this later, don’t want to jinx it) and the glasses need to be replaced with a new prescription but our very very special specialist wants us to wait a while.

The miraculous thing here is that while most of you send your kids to school, sort-of dressed for the day, hoping for the best – I send mine to school decked out in about $10,000 worth of bling and I am not even the slightest bit sad about it.  Max needs all these things every single minute of the day, but I am ridiculously thankful that he has what he needs and that we can afford to repair and replace the things that break.  Maybe even more importantly, he has someone at school whose full time job is to follow him around, help him when he needs it, leave him alone when he doesn’t and in today’s case, read to him because he can’t see.  Even better, I don’t think she would even think of mentioning the fact that I probably am the “messed-up mom” in pajamas whose son came to school without legs!

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