I like it here…I really do

“I like it here,” I said out loud to myself this morning.  I had an hour before my meeting with Max’s program director and I stopped into the Schuler Bookstore. It was spectacular.  Old mixed with new –  Barnes and Noble mixed with flea market, soaps and smells and books and toys and a cafe.  I was truly in heaven.  I chatted with the cashier who said she could hear the New Jersey accent I didn’t know I had and the sweet cafe girl reminded me about the free refills!

I like Michigan.  I like the nice chatty people.  I like the water in Lake Michigan.  I like the preppy stores and preppier clothes.  I like all the calm people.  They are not yelling, screaming, complaining or talking on cell phones all the time.  No one honks at you, cuts you off or barks at you.  The people who work in the stores actually talk to you and say thank you and don’t seem to hate their jobs.  I like all the blond, church-going Christian people.

I like being on my own, from somewhere else, and anonymous.  I like being away from it all and not feeling responsible for every little thing that happens. I may be the only Democrat for hundreds of miles and I do miss home, but I am not done here yet.

I like how there isn’t a  sign on every post about not doing things  – no turn on red, no parking, no stopping, no littering, no cell phone, no smoking… People mind their own Michigan business and no one is smoking, littering, parking illegally, driving crazy or talking too much on the phone.  People are just being civilized without a 9×12 sign telling them what to do.  I think we must have too many laws in New Jersey and is just pissing people off.  And yes, I see the irony that is my statement – I, of the lawmaking branch of government.

I like how you can buy a nice bottle of wine at the grocery store, drink it wherever you want ( not that I have mind you, but I could if I wanted to. )  Everything is clean, new and neat.  The roads are finished and the grass is green.

Most of all, I like how the moms don’t yell at their children.  I have been in stores, malls, movie theaters, grocery stores and pizza places. Heck, I have even been to Chuckie Cheese’s three times.  The children are behaving and the moms are not yelling at them or yanking them along. How do they do that?

Sure, its summer vacation here too, but I really do hate yelling and screaming and dragging my kids from one place to the next  My attempts to slow down never seem to work out at home and no one we encounter ever seems content.  There must be something missing. So, I ask, what can I do to bring a little midwest to our part of the word?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am loving reading of your ‘adventures’ in Michigan….I have just spent the last hour enjoying your posts….you are a wonderful mother and writer! I can’t wait to hear more! I have been told by my mother that she did a similar trip with my brother a long long time ago.
    This last post reminds me of my last trip to Canada….everyone is so nice, not yapping on their cell phones and the barista in starbucks remembered my order from one visit there!
    I look forward to more….

    • wearingcostumes says:

      Not that I know who you are, I am even more excited to read your comments. Keep them coming- they mean so much to me.

  2. Ellen says:

    I like you HERE, I really do.

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