I have to repeat myself

I have so many pressing things on my mind to write about, but today I was forced to go to the grocery store by people who think they are supposed to eat. While there, I was sure that I would die of the food boredom that has become my existence.  No one in my family likes anything.  It is quite surprising that they have lived this long.  They eat like toddlers – giant toddlers – but toddlers none the less.  I was reminded of an earlier post from years ago and I feel the need to update and recycle it for your enjoyment and mine.

I have often found it quite a mystery why a person who loves to eat as much as I do would loathe food shopping this much. I actually feel physically ill in the supermarket on many occasions and I often put it off until the last minute making due with whatever is still lurking in the pantry closet.  This morning, when serving a breakfast that included rotten strawberries and stale cereal, I concluded that the inevitable trip to the market was looming.  

So, just go with me for a minute.  First you drive IN the car to the market, get OUT of  the car, go IN the store, take things OFF the shelves and put them IN the cart.  Then wait in line for your turn to take the same products OUT of the cart and put them ON the conveyor belt.  Then, not five minutes later, you take the very same things you just took out of your cart and take them OFF the conveyor belt and put them IN bags and then back IN your cart.  Go outside, another mere five minutes later and take them OUT of the cart and put them IN your car.  You drive a short distance home and take the items OUT of the car and bring them IN the house.  You then you are expected to promptly take them OUT of the bags and put them IN their resting places.  That means, within the span of just over an hour, we IN, OUT, IN, OFF, IN, OUT,ON, IN, OUT, IN, OUT, AND IN.

Am I the only person who finds this psychically painful?????

My systems for making shopping more enjoyable have included, shopping alone, shopping with someone, ordering food to be delivered, shopping only at the closest market, shopping only at Wegmans, shopping only in small specialty stores, shopping in farmers’ markets, butchers, and bakeries, shopping frequently and buying only a few things, shopping rarely and buying in bulk, shopping slow, shopping fast, shopping with coffee, shopping while eating candy, shopping while talking on the phone, shopping while listening to my i-pod,  and finally, today I mastered the art of shopping unconscious…

Please someone help me…

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