Field Day- A New Way

Just this time last year, I wrote the following post:  Field Day, No Way

One year ago, the thought of Max playing sports on a field and going swimming with his class brought us to a choice that it was better to just skip it than to struggle with it.  It was a fine decision and the right one for that one day a year ago.  However, on that same day last year, Hun, rarely moved to great shows of emotion, was beside himself. He promised that for the next year’s Field Day, he would take a day off from work and go with Max to make sure he could participate in both the field sports and the swimming.  I heard what he said and we both filed it away thinking that another year would be far off.  Time, as they say, flies.  A few weeks ago, a business trip to California was scheduled to coincide with Field Day.  We both looked at the calendar and neither one of us needed to say a word.  I volunteered to accompany Max to Field Day, knowing full well that my presence would not be enough.  I am not strong enough in mind or body to do the heavy lifting required to potato sack race with 50 pound Max and his 15 pound walker.  Even more horrifying to me was the thought of putting on a bathing suit and swimming with the second grade and all the teachers ( even with my new privacy panel!)

Hun and I exchanged a few sad glances and then he did what I don’t think many others would do. He chose Field Day over work.  We all know that Hun is not saving lives nor launching rockets at work, but he is at the top of the chain, in charge of many things, and not one to stray far from his Blackberry. He is good at his job and responsible all of the time.  But, he is also the most wonderful husband and father ever born on this earth.

He is the other one who doesn’t often get top billing in this blog – but he is the reason we have become the family that we are.  No one is more kind, loving, strong, unselfish and whole.  I may be the one with the words and the people. I may be the one who makes a fuss, moves a mountain or just the furniture and the one who comes up with new “systems” or plans.  But, Hun  is the reason those schemes usually work out for the best.  And, even when they don’t, they still work out just fine.

So, today I just want to say thank you Faith Rubin for raising Hun to become the great and wonderful man he has always been.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This honestly brought terars to my eyes. What an inspiring story. Next – we need updates on the event! 😉

  2. Sean's Mom says:

    So beautiful, Sheri – thank you! Neil is the often unsung hero in our house, so I’ll sing his praises more often from now on! xoxox

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hip Hip Hooray for Hun! As someone who has personally know said ‘Hun’ for almost as long as Sheri, I can say all of this is true!

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