I have decided to admit that what I really need is a little courage. I found this bracelet in shop in my new most favorite town, Eastown – Grand Rapids. This is a funky little, artsy downtown area next to the suburban utopia, East Grand Rapids. There are bookstores, art galleries, coffee shops, yoga studios and funky, tattooed, bike-riding, cool looking, smart people everywhere. I have been spending time here going to hot yoga and having coffee.  It is what Metuchen could be if it took itself a little less seriously and put a smile on its face. Yes, the irony of my role in that is not lost on me.

A woman named Sally appeared in my life last week and brought with her some of the courage I think I need. She is 60 year old woman with CP who owns a company that designs custom equipment for people with disabilities. She specializes in custom graphic canes and crutches and is the process of making Max a pair of Harry Potter canes. He is going to be using these canes from now on to replace the walker he loves a bit too much. I have high hopes for these canes. Sally has written a few books and poems about the strength that is needed to parent a child with a disability. She writes to honor her own mother who passed away two years ago. We had a heart to heart on the phone from her home in Minnesota to my home away from home here. She reminded me that there is a time and place for research and therapy and doctors and equipment but that sometimes you just need the courage to keep on going. I never thought about it that way…


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  1. I hope you continue to find and are able to utilize the courage you need.

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