Can you all just come over and I will tell you what I think?

I haven’t written in so long… my public is protesting ( you know, my public of the two friends who actually read this blog!!!) 

I just might be one of the few people in the world who actually has so much to write about that I don’t actually write anything… So many things worth discussing have happened in the last few weeks- I think instead of blogging, I am going to start a reality show, just have people recording my every thought and action.  I actually think it might be a hit.

The discussion topics in no particular order will be as follows:

yes, I spent all night writing for my class and I cant stop talking like that… help me!

  “Sophie, please discuss for the class how much you don’t want to brush your teeth…”   “Max, tell us what you think about the difference between the two theories we covered in class yesterday – why you cannot wear pajamas to school and compare and contrast that to the topic of why you have to go to school every day and cannot have a day off yet.”  Next week we will be discussing the philosophical differences between ” eat your breakfast, please” and ” eat your breakfast now.”

Sorry… I digress… we will be discussing the following things…. my trip to Washington, our family vacation to the dude ranch, my mother’s broken leg and finally, but no less important… eating too much.

Class…what would you like to discuss first?

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  1. sd says:

    I need to hear everything!!!

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