While this has been clearly the most relaxing and easy three weeks of my last ten years, I still take my  obligation to single-handedly support the medical community very seriously.  I could not possibly let time pass without the frequent visit to a medical professional with someone to whom I am related.  I am Obama’s health care plan. I am an economic stimulus plan.  

Nana assumes that anytime I am not actually engaged in something that cannot be rescheduled ( like an election) I am free to take her to the doctor.  Likewise, I really do hate to take the kids out of school for appointments, so I do my best to schedule them in the summer.  Being that Max has CP, medical folks ( how is that for cozy)  are part of our family.  We invite therapists to birthday parties and they give him better gifts than the grandparents.  They have been in our life so long, they even give Sophie presents and are usually the first ones to recognize a new haircut/color/ outfit/car/ pair of sneakers…

However, as I was brushing my teeth last night ( usually a moment of great reflection) I discovered that this summer will consist of more -ologists and -ists than an episode of House… So, here goes..

Cardiologist,  Pulmonologist, Internist, Gynecologist, Dermatologist, Endocrinologist (3 times), Radiologist, Physiatrist, Therapists,Orthodontist, Dentist, Internist, Orthopedist, Orthotist, Pediatrician, Phlebotomist, Optometrist, Opthalmologist, Otolaryngologist, Neurologist,  and everyone’s favorite… the Urologist.  

The weirdest thing about this is … no one is sick….

Praise the lord for health insurance!!!

I am off to the manicurologist for some pedicurlogy!!!

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