Continuing with my theme of vomit-less postings, today has been good so far! It is truly amazing what the smallest thing can mean to me. I have always been someone who is looking for signs…signs from above, signs from around, hidden signs, karmic signs…so much sign looking that I might have missed a STOP sign or two along the way, oops!

While I reported that things are improving and Max is finding his way, and mine along with it, school is still not his favorite place. It takes some prodding to get him there and it takes a literal village to get him through.  This morning we arrived at our illegal parking spot a bit earlier than usual ( translation…before school started) and Max’s aide was no where in sight. Our Mrs. J. usually meets us at the car and takes Max into school. She usually carries his backpack and for the better part of this school year, forcibly extracts him from the car crying hysterically and tells him jokes to get him in the door.

Today, she had an early morning appointment that ran a bit late.  The school figured she would be there and didn’t send anyone to meet Max.  We got out of the car and looked around.  No one…

“Max,  I’ll walk you in and you will be fine.” I said, tentatively. I waited for the tears, I waited for the drama and I waited for a meltdown that didn’t come.  He just started walking.  Without him noticing, I put his backpack on his back and sent him to walk into school with a friend.

This has never happened before.  I may have had to wait until  3rd grade to see my boy walk with his own backpack on his back into school,  but I can tell you that it was just about the best way to start a day I can imagine.

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