And the band played on…

A few days late with this post, but late is kind of my thing…


We attended the Campbell School Band/Chorus/Orchestra concert last Thursday night and I cannot imagine a better evening.  Even though the band played three songs which all had only three notes and therefore sounded exactly the same, it was the most beautiful music I ever heard.  How, you might ask, can a concert that doesn’t have groupies, concert T-shirts, lighters flickering in the audience, or the sweet smell of illegal substances be a rockin’ good time?

Max…  He plays percussion (xylophone, for now,drums later) in the school band… all by himself.  He needs a little help setting up his “band” but he does it all by himself…standing up…with no help… alone…and in the band.

This. Is. A. Beautiful. Accomplishment.

I too not long ago was a parent who suffered through the band concert, sweating from overcrowding the school cafeteria, unable to see or hear Sophie when she was in forth grade.  Cursing all the other parents for standing in front of us, annoyed that they think their kid is worth video-taping, and wondering just how much longer until we can go home.  Of course, that was not due to the fact that Sophie was any less of a virtuoso at nine years old, but she did stuff at school alone all the time.  It was just another activity she tried and participated in.

Max has never stayed after school for a club or activity and especially without his aide present and the likelihood of that happening was always in the “who knows?” category.  Well, he did it and you better believe we got there early, sat all the way up front and gave anyone who even thought of standing in front of us a big ole stink eye! Image

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