Air bags/bags full of air/ air in a bag

Ok.. yes… I had a car accident today.  I crashed the stupid mini van into a truck that stopped in the middle of the road to look at a for sale sign on a car across the street.  I know, its my fault.  Anytime you rear-end someone its your fault.  According to California law its a violation of a code section with some combination of the numbers 94073 ( or something like that…) I was Personal Injury Lawyer 1-800-the-law-2 in my more embarrassing years after law school, but………

Just so that I can explain, for once I was completely paying attention to what I was doing.  I was not talking on the phone, nor was I texting, drinking coffee, helping children, eating drive through, putting on lipstick/sunscreen/sunglasses/different clothes or even talking to anyone as I usually am.  I was just driving down the road blissfully hoping to purchase window boxes for the front of my newly attended to house. I was hoping to achieve the doll-house look.  Nana always says, “oh.. your house looks just like a doll house… ” That comment, translated into human means,” oh my…what a tiny house, too bad you couldn’t afford a bigger one!”

I was on my way to Lowe’s and then, suddenly, I was not. I was plowed into the back of a truck and my air bag was smoking and I had no idea how that happened. One second, window boxes, the next, police cars and insurance.  The truck was not there before and then it was.  How is that my fault? Who cares really… I have GEICO. I also have a burn on my hand and a sprained pinkie… how lame is that?  A sprained pinkie? At least the burn is cool.

And,  I have Ellen.  She rescued me from the side of the road.  After my car was towed, I was sitting on the side of the road with my pocketbook ( yes, the new beloved one) the pool bag rescued from the trunk, Max’s adapted stroller and my handicapped placard. The police wouldn’t leave me alone on the side of the road and I was oddly disappointed. They insisted on being police-y and wait with me and  I kind of wanted to be alone.  I wasn’t in the mood for chit- chat.  I really did want to sit on the side of the road waiting for my friend in shining armor to come get me.  I felt oddly comfortable with nothing but my most valued possessions and no car.  I hate that stupid car anyway.  It was just me, outside in the sun,  my cell phone ( the screen shattered in the accident so now I can’t see who is calling me and I won’t be able to selectively answer…bummer) my new stylish yet funky bag, the other bag with a giant water gun shark and my precious passes to the pool, the ubiquitous car seat, and the new wonderful, high-tech wheelchair/stroller that costs thousands of dollars and is supposed to look cool, but looks like a wheelchair, but makes schlepping Max oh so enjoyable for me and so so worth the many thousands of dollars it cost and the months on order for it.  

Ellen rescued me and my stuff and brought us home.  Thank you Ellen… and then GEICO took over.  I swear, they are better than chocolate.  I love GEICO. I loved them before and I love them again.  One phone call and they did everything for me.  They even got me picked up by some guy from Enterprise to go get my rental car.  I am very thankful to have “resources” and a life that provides me with insurance and rental cars and an organized system of “stakeholders” that enables the crashing of my car to have not one ounce of drama.  I know it s  because of HUN.  Without him, I would be living on a commune with dreadlocks and 7 husbands  – none of whom have GEICO.

But, I digress… The thing that strikes me as interesting here is that first of all, of course, that I am lucky… but secondly, how is it that in this blackberried, wired-up, wifi, connected and uploaded world, we still, do not know what will happen on any given day. Not only do we not know, but we have no clue what so ever what event will occur.  Sometimes this means horrible tragic things happen to people we know or love in an instant and sometimes it means that we might meet someone who becomes loved or important in our lives… or we just crash into another car when we are not expecting it. Some days seem so mundane and dull and other are filled with the unknown.  I am not happy about the crash, but at least it means that things are always possible, and that around the corner, or even, literally in front of you, something may just pop up.  What brings me joy in it, is the possibility that things can happen that you have no control over. I am in charge of a great many things and people every day.  I make decisions for myself and for others ( some of which are important and others completely idiotic) but still, even though it feels like I am all- powerful and responsible for the world around me,  things happen that are out of my control.  Isn’t that great news?

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