A few words to Sophie

ImageI have sat down to write about Sophie and her Bat Mitzvah a few times but there is just too much to say. Instead, I would rather preserve the feeling we had when we spoke to her during the party…

I think it says it all…

It seems rather funny that I fancy myself a writer, as the two of you who read my blog can attest to – but each time we sat down to write these few words to speak to you, our darling Sophie, we couldn’t find a place to begin.

It wasn’t because we didn’t have enough to say, but rather it seems – too much to say. There is so much to you – so many things worth mentioning- so much to highlight, such a long story, that our time here is just too short.

From the moment we brought you home, you filled the empty space in our world with your larger than life presence – even when you yourself were quite small- because even you know there was a time – just yesterday it seems – when you were tiny and even I was taller and bigger and wore higher heels! You became our world in an instant and we have never turned back.

You will always be our child, but we knew then and know now that our time with you is fleeting- You were born to fly away, climb the highest mountains, achieve great things.

We thought perhaps your name should have been, “Sophie Get Down From There” because your feet have never stayed on the ground. You were upside down, hanging from trees and climbing walls before you could even speak your name.

And while, on most days, those feet are literally in the air, as you tumble your way through life, we see, with each passing day, your strong legs carry you to places that others can only dream of .

You have visible golden glow – a lucky aura – a streak of independence that sometimes belies your age. We joke that we could drop you off in New York city and you would find yourself a job, a place to live, and never want for anything. You are so much more capable than most and if we could wish anything for you, we think it would be for you to really know how truly wonderful you are in every way.

People are often in awe of the physical strength you posses – outrunning the boys, beating school records, wining medals and ribbons, but only those of us who are lucky enough to really know you well, see the strength that comes from your heart. You may not wear that heart on your sleeve – as some do- but your love is strong, your loyalty true, and your dedication fierce to all that is truly important – our family, your school work, judaism, your friends, your love of camp and of course, your Charlie!

As your parents, we look at you and can’t help but see your past while at the same time wish you joy and happiness in the future – but for right now- we give you a spectacular celebration, because you – our Sophie – deserve nothing less!!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    beautiful words my friend…. lucky parents…lucky young woman

  2. Nancy Brown says:

    I so miss you Sheri Rose, What beautiful thoughts. I am pleased that I was there at the beginning of the journey with this wonderful daughter you are so justifiably so proud of. On a different note, I know how emotional the anniversary of the loss of a loved one is. Cherish all the memories, the fun and her love for you. Tried to reach you by phone, know you are busy. Hope we can talk one day. Hugs, Nancy

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