A drive gone wrong

Max has never ever been an anxious kid.  He has taken life in strides and run fast into new situations with his head held high and a smile on his face.  He is a joiner, a partier, the outgoing  Mayor of every town.

Until 2 weeks ago.  It all began with a drive gone wrong.  When “they” say no good deed goes unpunished, I have to agree.  Everything in life was fine as we walked out the door on the way to the dentist. Our neighbor was in a panic because her dog was sick and she needed a ride to the vet.  We were going right by and were happy to help.  Something about the weather, the dog smell and the traffic got to Max and on the way down Route 27, he got car sick. Sick enough to turn white, start sweating and feel awful, but nothing worse.  Life has not been the same since.  He is terrified of getting sick again, afraid of the car, terrified by the rain, afraid of loud noises, fast driving and worst of all… school!  He has not stopped crying for two weeks and couldn’t even enjoy our trip planned just for him…to the Big Time Rush Concert.

Now, its less sick, and more anxiety of the kind I have never seen.  He has not made it to school yet without crying, and has not made it through the day without a trip to the nurse. He is unsure of himself, afraid of the newness of school and unable to get over it.  He is only not crying when he is sleeping, watching TV or around Sophie.  Any task or requirement is met with fear – genuine fear. Fear in a fearless child is a tragedy. One could say that all kids get jitters.  3rd grade is notoriously hard and its only the first week. He just has it worse than others because everything that is challenging is just a little bit more so for him.  Sure…easy for you to say.  Max’s “mind over matter” has gotten him to where he is now and saved all of our lives.  Never in the world has there been a better example of how attitude and emotion can improve one’s health.  Max is living proof.  He needs his calm heart and mind to keep going.  We all do.

Maybe its the bus, maybe its 3rd grade and new teachers, maybe its just adjustment to a new routine, or maybe its a new layer to a cake that will certainly crumble if piled any higher?  Life is good, he is riding the bus, he will be safe and happy and 13 days away from the surgery that could do wonders to the quality of his life.  I need a miracle right now. I need my miracle boy to bounce back.

We are resilient enough to hope that this is just a blip on an already crowded screen, but I need some reassurance and a crystal ball.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t see the future, but I can tell you that Max will bounce back. He is surrounded by loving, nurturing people who support him in every way possible…..this is why I know he will bounce back. Although too much fear is not good….a little fear may be a good thing. It brings with it a sense of maturity and the ability to make safe and reasonable choices. My heart goes out to Max, because of the literal and emotional strength he needs every day to go about his daily routine, the anxiety and fear must be exhausting. Time is on his side however, his anxiousness will subside as he sees that life goes on. Every day the sun will rise, and every day the sun will set…….and no matter what we are experiencing in our lives, there is comfort in that thought. Keep loving him, nurturing him, and offering your support…….my money is on Max, he will bounce back.

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