Monthly Archives: August 2017

Me, my Smugness, and I

We are quite a combination, that smugness and I! We have spent years together and grown to a level of comfort similar to that of an old married couple. It’s the give and take that really showcases our relationship.  For example, Last year, when we took Max to Camp Simcha, […]

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Sometimes you have to let the other guy win

I think sometimes we all keep score of things even if we don’t want to.  Today’s score has CP in the lead with us trailing behind picking up the discarded water bottles, snack bags, dirty socks and sweaty towels.  We put up a good fight, got a little bloody, showed […]

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The calendar turned to August today and like so many other people, I loathe the thought.  It isn’t witty nor original to hate August.  In fact, it is so commonplace that it doesn’t even make sense to really mention it. I even have a beloved cartoon living in my desk […]

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