Monthly Archives: June 2017

Home Sweet Home

We have been home from the hospital for about ten days now. I wanted to write but there were no words coming to me. Perhaps it is from exhaustion or that weird feeling that I remember of returning home from overnight camp when nothing seems to make sense at home. […]

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Every night at 10:00 the hospital intercom announces that is it “Quiet Time.” The announcement tells us that we should turn off phones and keep talking to a whisper because quiet is good for healing. ┬áIt is a nice message and it makes me feel like I am living in […]

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Taking one for the team

The team I’m referring to is the team of parents who have kids with disabilities or illnesses that don’t get better with a dose of antibiotics…a team that I have been on for a while. At this point, I’m sure I must be captain of varsity and am looking forward […]

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