Monthly Archives: April 2012

Larry, Mo and Curly

“Mo gets adopted and then his parents bring him back to the orphanage,” says, Max this morning while getting ready for school. I scooped him up and hugged him very tight and repeated over and over that, “This will NEVER happen. Mommies and Daddies are for forever and ever and […]

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So… nu…when’s the Bat Mitzvah?

I feel like talking about something else today – and none of the things that I have been talking about. I want to talk about Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah – April 27, 2013. ┬áIt seems as though the talk of Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s is multiplying daily. She got invited today […]

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All right, I get it

As always, an absence from this blog means that I am too busy to write about the things that make me so busy- or, the much more sinister word thief- myself. I am trying to write a lecture that needs to be taught tomorrow about the parol evidence rule and […]

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