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I am writing for the first time in a million years because I have so much on my mind… it’s all Max all the time. Yesterday, I concluded that I have a 7-year-old, 2-year-old – but mind you, not in a bad way.  Max has been somewhat asleep at the […]

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Field Day No Way

Tomorrow is the first grade Field Day at our school.  The children WALK from school to the middle school for relay races and games then walk to the pool for lunch and swimming and then return to school.  Guess What? Max ain’t goin… Not allowing Max to participate in an […]

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The whole truth

I can’t write anymore.  I have not been able to produce a single word of original thought for months. I started to read the blogs of a few other people I admire and enjoy and every since I cannot get a word out.  Those 3 sentences were torture.  I am […]

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Thank you for the invite, but we will not be able to attend

What if they stop inviting him?

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To Say or Not to Say?

She is no ordinary child

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Rated P for Pity Party

Is there never any excess good?

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